Scale your cloud with control and assertiveness

Financial Management and IT Operations on the same page

Visibility, Cost Reduction, Data Security and Governance

Cloud8 is a facilitator to operational excellency on public clouds

Some of the benefits that Cloud8 brings:

Your operation's size does not matter, ensuring cost savings and efficient resource use is imperative.

Beyond the quest for efficiency, mitigating the riscs inherent to business continuity allows focusing on what really matters.

The adoption of public clouds grows year after year and the opportunities to add value are many.

With the business growing the challenges increase for managing a cloud infrastructure increasingly complex, at the same time competition pressures margins.

With Cloud8 you improve the operational efficiency and increase the possibilities for new service offerings.

Billing based on resource utilization, characteristic of cloud computing, can prove to be a challenge for proper IT infrastructure cost management.

Beyond identifying costs and providing information with the goal of reducing costs, the Cloud8 platform also provides the tools that allow for these opportunities to bring concrete benefits.

Acquire control over cloud expenditure

Visibility over all costs in the environment, easily accessible and with high granularity and detail

The use of the cloud requires new ways to manage costs. The public cloud is billed by minutes, with base on real resource utilization. This amounts to a large quantity of usage data, with the billing demonstrations usually including thousands of lines of components.

The ease of acquisition and use of cloud infrastructure by different deparments and business units results in lack of visibility and control by the IT team.

These new models and their resulting flood of data demands that companies develop resources and competencies for the continuous management and optimization of cloud based costs.

Cloud8 helps to eliminate redundancies, reduce risks and optimize resource use, to ensure the financial efficiency of the cloud operation as a whole.

We enable the use of the "FinOps" model, contributing towards detailed cost visibility and supplying tools for cost reduction, productivity increase, security and business continuity.

Centralized Automation and Continuous Governance

Operational efficiency and cost visibility and security policies

The use of very short lived IT services over public clouds posed a complicated challenge for IT governance. And to make it worse, gone are the days of only one cloud service provider: now multi-cloud is the norm. By avoiding a single vendor's "lock-in" companies become better positioned to seize the exclusive advantages of each public cloud provider, as much in terms of exclusive products as in costs, or a combination of both.

In such cenario, governance stops being something you only implement once. Policies cannot be set and forgotten, they must be constantly checked and applied. With continuous service deployment, expansion and deactivation, it is the IT department's duty to make sure that these services are consistently delivered with the lowest possible cost and risk to the business as a whole.

Cloud8 centralizes task automation and user management over different public clouds, providing access to relevant information in a consolidated way.

Understand your Technology

The complexity of the infrastructure environment over public clouds stops being a concern

O gerenciamento de TI em nuvem é complexo e isto se agrava à medida que o uso da nuvem aumenta. A consequência é que as organizações raramente conseguem obter uma visão unificada e acurada de seus ativos de tecnologia. Há uma quantidade enorme de dados sobre o inventário e o a utilização, mas a absoluta maioria desses dados é irrelevante para a tomada de decisões quando analisados de forma isolada.

A compreensão do ecossistema de TI vai muito além de um inventário. Transformar os dados sobre o ambiente em informação relevante, que possa ser compartilhada com a organização de forma ampla, facilita a compreensão dos desafios e possibilidades.

O Cloud8 traz as informações relevantes à tona, com facilidade e elevado nível de customização, para que o fluxo de informações e a tomada de decisões ocorram com agilidade e assertividade.

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